CryoTherapy Plus

LeBron visits CryoTherapy Plus to speed recovery.

Monica Robins explains how CryoTherapy works.

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• Whole Body CryoTherapy
• Local CryoTherapy
• CryoFacial
• Far Infrared Sauna
• Elliptical after Cryo


• Athletic performance
• Postsurgical recovery

Rheumatoid Arthritis
Burn up to 800 calories
• Increased metabolism
• Sleep better
Better mood
• Increased energy
• Autoimmune disorders
• Skin conditions such as dermatitis
and psoriasis
• Improved skin elasticity

April Specials

  • Whole body cryotherapy single
    session $45
  • Unlimited month of whole body
    CryoTherapy (one per day) $299
  • Unlimited month whole body CryoTherapy for couples (1 each/day) $500
  • Cryofacial $35
  • Cryofacial 10 pack $300

    No appointment needed for cryo treatments

CryoTherapy Plus is the only
full service Whole Body CryoTherapy
Center in Ohio.

We are committed to providing the latest developments in cryogenics to help our clients exceed their goals in health, peak athletic performance and beauty.


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